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Buying process

The process of buying a property in Spain is of course different as in other countries.  We will go through it

  • It starts with your wish of buying a house in the Spanish sun. Maybe you come already for years to Spain on holiday or you have friends / family who already own a house in Spain. Perhaps you always had plans to enjoy life in Spain as soon as you are retired. There are dozens of reasons to go to Spain.
  • Then comes a very important step: the location. Do you prefer an environment of great natural beauty (Costa Brava) or would you like to go to the beach in the winter (Costa del Sol)? Do you prefer to come by car or do you want to catch a plane and rent a car? Do you prefer to live among the local population (Costa Brava) or do you want a Dutch or English oriented environment (Costa Blanca)? (Also see why a holiday home on the Costa Brava?).
  • What type of property are you looking for? An apartment, a detached villa, a plot to build your own dreamhouse?
  • Today it is very easy to find offer of properties via the internet. If you have found a house that takes your interest, you can request full information from the relevant broker.
  • If you have found several homes and has gone through all the information (and all your questions are answered), it is time for the next step: planning a trip to Spain to visit the properties.
  • In advance will be discussed with you which properties will be visited. However, during the inspection tour, the broker will get a good idea of what you are looking for exactly. Often a follow-up appointment will be made to visit additional homes. Of course, during the inspection tour, the entire buying process, the costs, taxes, any renovations will be discussed with you again.
  • If you have found the property of your dreams, the terms of the sale will be discussed with the seller. If these conditions are determined, the preliminary contract of sale will be made. Before you sign the purchase agreement and make a down payment (in case of an existing home usually 10%), the broker, a consultant or a lawyer should check a few things (see property consultancy house in Spain). If all these things are in order, you can sign the purchase agreement.
  • In this agreement, the date for the notarial transfer of the property in front of a Spanish notary will be determined. You only own the house after the Escritura (deed) has been signed at the notary. You will receive the key of the house and then you can start to enjoy the Spanish life!

You don’t buy a house on the Spanish Costa Brava every year. Therefore we advice you to gather as much information as possible and ask many questions. Make sure you have no more doubts. If you have a good real estate agent, he can take away all the uncertainties for you. However, if you don’t feel secure or don’t trust your case, alsways ask for a second opinion.

There are many “wild” storie about the real estate market in Spain. Often this concerns people who think they can manage the purchase of a property by themselves. However, if you look for a good support, you can easily purchase a property in Spain, just as in the United Kingdom or any other country.